Monday, February 3, 2014

Working Trip -part 2-


Working trip second part! which means second day at Siem Reap!
So, we start our second day early in the morning. :) had breakfast at 8 o'clock.. 'roti bakar' then call the 'tuktuk' to the Sofitel Hotel! heh heh padahal Sofitel Hotel dekat je.. keluar je simpang rumah kami tu dah nmpak Sofitel Hotel. naik 'tuktuk' sebab kena angkut beg 'mak jemah' heh heh....
On our second day, we were wearing white t-shirt..

jualan tak berapa nak best tp kami tetap senyum!
My job, i need to complete my editing video for the show at the dinner... heh heh memang kelam kabut.
but!! thank you so much to our lovely lecturer Miss Jann and Miss Gibb for helping me on completing the video... muahh muaahh :* thank you to our videographer Anis Lan. lovely supporter Alesyha Halim and Natasha Murni... muahh muuahh :*  lastly we made it, although it not perfect, but we got something to show.. hopefully Mr.Dean love it.. hehe
editing video yea.. heh heh

ni masa video ditayangkan...

orang kuat nih

tarian tradisional mereka. ada penceritaan disitu.. 


end of the second day. next update will be our third day, and our trip to Angkor Wat... 
till then...

-xoxo from miea-

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