Sunday, November 13, 2016

Happy Convocation Day!!

Happy Convocation Day!

Happy graduation day my dear lover;

You are an incredible man. You’re graduating, and I have no doubt that you’ll go on to huge success. You’re smart, analytical, creative, hard-working, loyal, and appreciative of every opportunity that comes your way. Anyone would be lucky to have you; I know I am. Congratulations to the most worthy man I know. Muhammad Izzat 


Monday, September 26, 2016


an-nyeong-ha-se-yo Korea!

Assalamualaikum, dear blog. Its been a long time since the last update from me. Sorry, been so much busy and always forgot to updating blog. 

This entry I would love to share with all the silent reader, that I am in Korea right now! haha I will share how I got this opportunity to be here, and my journey so far for the last 3 weeks in Korea. 

Let's begin!!!

Its started when my lecturer post/promote about doing an internship abroad. There are 3 choices of country, South Korea, Cambodia and Indonesia. So of course I love to go to South Korea. Then the requirement to do an internship abroad is, must be 3.0 above, active in curriculum, and must be the last semester of bachelor without taking any subject in it. So I pass all the requirement, and I submit my CV and motivational letter. Which is I did that a day before the interview was held. T_T what a last minutes work!. oh! FYI, I am an walk-in interviewee. :) 

ok skip about the interview and so on. I pass the interview and my name was confirm as the candidate that are going to South Korea for the internship. yeyyy.. So the next step is, I need to have RM10,000 in my bank for visa apply. *Thanks to my beloved father, he sponser the RM10,000. much love~~ 
and for single entry I need to pay for RM246. 

finish my visa story

meet and greet with the Prof. Roslan

next fly to South Korea on Friday, departed from KLIA2 airasia flight, and yeyy guess what! my future SIL is in the same flight with me!! haha she fly back to Korea after the summer break. So I got a chance to meet and great Ezat's parents, and it's make me happy. =D no picture for that.. so sad. because its kind of rushing. 

haha the excited face, before fly to the Korea, its a very tiring journey, 6 hours in the flight, luckily the before I didn't sleep, so I sleep all the way to Korea. Hahaha. and when we arrive Korea, around 5pm. mingle around in the airport, find food and buy ticket bus to the Semyung University. We bought T-Money card. Its like TnG card, for public transport purpose.

Ticket Bus 
Incheon Airport
In the bus, comfortable heading to Jecheon-si
Hostel room registration
Our super large bag!!
 Its the end of the first day in Korea, so much tiring, and yet fun. because the weather is nice. haha the hostel room also nice and comfortable. The next entry I will show you my first room and now room. haha...

oh! forgot to tell. My internship in Korea is in Semyung University, Jecheon-si. Which is 2hours from Seoul. Outside from town, but Jecheon itself is a nice town. The other name of Jecheon is 
"The Healing City"

till then,