Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Working Trip!

This time the story is about Siem Reap, Cambodia. First of all, sorry because it’s been a long time since my last update..New year wish pun tak update.. So this time, miea nak cerita sikit apa yang miea buat kat Siem Reap tu…. Hehe. Hah? Cari laki Cambodia?? Ohh nooo lah..
Business trip katenyee...lepas je habis final exam dengan presentation drawing isnin tu.. Rabu kiteorg dah berangkat ke Siem Reap, Cambodia. :D   The mission is.... we have to sell merchandise for educational program. ACM IMCOM (ICUIMC). What is ACM IMCOM (ICUIMC)? check it out here! :) The merchandise product is T-shirt, Mug, Key chain (which its exclusively design by me...) 

Logo design for all the merchandise

and photo booth service.. sound interesting kannn. picture below are taken throughout the program.

our first day! 9th January 2014
Some of the merchandise that we sell
Naga and The Rainbow Hall
Our First day selling.. 

Outside view of conference hall. SOFITEL HOTEL
an elephant at Sofitel Hotel
Sofitel Hotel is a luxury hotel.. uuu Prof and the other presenter are staying here.. the rest at Sokha Hotel.
At night, we join their dinner at the Sokha Hotel.. we continuing our selling there...

 booth kiteorg dekat dengan pokok!... hehe cantik!
apsara dancer!.

okay photo sharing for the first day are done! next will be continue with the second day photo sharing.. wink wink wait for it..

-xoxo from miea-

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